The Devil is in the Details

What is it about the Devil that makes him want to hang out in MY details?  Kindly leave, sir.

We are SO close to finishing several projects, and have stalled on the finishing touches.  The Boy went around the house with the caulk gun last night caulking trim in the first bathroom and the guest bedroom (insert numerous inappropriate “caulk” jokes here).  I even had him caulk between the tile backsplash and window sill in the kitchen (which of course we never did although we declared the kitchen “done,” which reminds me that I need to paint those dang pantry doors!).  While he was doing this, I primed both sides and got one coat of paint on one side of the bathroom door.  I am dying to write “completed project” posts about both the guest bedroom and bathroom, but I must have all of these details finished first.  Here is our “to do” list:


  1. Finish painting door
  2. Add towel hooks to door
  3. Re-hang door
  4. Paint all trim
  5. Remove some grout stuck on tiles way up high
  6. Paint ceiling (this may never happen)
  7. CLEAN
  8. Take pictures
  9. Write “ta dah!” post
  10. Write “budget breakdown” post
    (Update:  Done and done!)
Guest Bedroom:
  1. Caulk trim around windows
  2. Sand, prime and paint marble window sills white
  3. Paint all trim
  4. Paint and re-hang closet doors
  5. Decorate (ugh)

The factor really killing our motivation is that we have already started on demo in the green bathroom (yay!) and we would both rather be doing that than painting anything.  I would rather be doing about 4,287 things other than painting trim, and The Boy would rather spend ten hours with his two least favorite people – Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians (yes they are all lumped together as one because they are almost one fully functional person all put together) – than paint trim.  Well, maybe.  I’ll ask him.

Unsolicited advice for today:  when you have already essentially demolished one bathroom, do not remove the door on the only other functioning bathroom.

GOAL:  Finish guest bathroom and post about the finished product and the budget breakdown before we leave on a short but much-needed vacation this Friday.  I find that public shaming is my best motivator.  It doesn’t seem to work with dogs (you MUST check out but someone needs to start a human shaming Tumblr page.  I will start working on my sign.

2 thoughts on “The Devil is in the Details

  1. Good luck finishing up the guest bedroom and bathroom! Trim painting sounds horrible. And ummm so glad you linked up to, I’ve been giggling at my desk for the last ten minutes because of it. :)

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