Guest Bathroom – Budget Breakdown

I feel the need to shout again:  THE BATHROOM IS DONE!!!

I assumed the biggest expense in this bathroom would be Bertha (the bathtub), but the “miscellaneous” category really took the cake, which surprised me.  In hindsight, we essentially built a bathroom from scratch, which required moving a drain, hanging drywall and cement backerboard, adding a recessed light, and all of those little things add up over time.  Plus we probably went through WAY more plumbing supplies than any self-respecting certified plumber would have, but hey, it was our first time.  I always want the budget to be as low as possible, and I think we could cut out a few expenses next time, but I am still pretty happy with where we ended up.  Check it out:

Sink:                      $50.00 (Glass vessel sink on Craigslist)

Vanity:                   $50.00 (Target buffet on Craigslist)

Flooring:                $70.75 (Teak on close out at Floor & Decor – end of last year)

Bathtub + drain:  $453.90 (Kohler Archer 5′ Comfort Depth Bathtub from Overstock Deals (  I did a TON of research and Overstock Deals ultimately won because they had free shipping, which was running over $200 on other sites! You had to purchase the entire drain assembly along with it, but they had the best price on this too.)

Shower fixtures:   $146.95 (also Overstock Deals)

Faucet:                   $59.90 (Amazon)

Tile:                        $241.94  (Floor & Decor)

Mirror :                   $50.00 (my friend Sherry who purchased it at a consignment store and wanted to get rid of it when she moved.  It was gold so I spray painted it brushed nickel.)

Misc:                       $682.23 (this includes drywall, tape, mud, etc that goes along with it, cement backerboard, tool rental, recessed light, MDF for shelves, mounting ring and drain for sink, electrical and plumbing supplies, polyurethane glue for teak floors, baseboards, etc.)

GRAND TOTAL:      $1,805.67

The only thing in the bathroom that we reused was the toilet.  It was fully functional and looked fine.  We did replace the toilet seat with a soft close one, which is included in the miscellaneous category.

It only took us ten months to finish this bathroom (sigh), but I am really hoping the next bathroom goes much faster, since we will not have a drain to move and will hire out any drywall work (it is not a pleasant task for the impatient, perfectionist DIYer!!).  Wish us luck, as the green bathroom is already in full demo mode!

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