Pinbusters – Homemade Biore Strips TAKE 2

Have you ever wondered if the stuff people post on Pinterest is true? Well I have, and I test them all so that you don’t have to, ’cause ain’t nobody got time for that.  Click here to check out all of the pins I haven taken on. You might be surprised by some of the results!

When I first tested the Pin that you could create your own at-home Biore strips using gelatin (click here to read that debacle), I suspected that something was off with my technique. However, I followed every last detail of the tutorial, so I wasn’t sure where I had gone wrong. Thanks to a helpful suggestion from a reader (thanks, Sarah!), I am getting right back on that bike. Or that horse. Or whatever.  I just hope it doesn’t hurt as much this time.

The error of my ways was apparently the fact that I didn’t microwave the gelatin mixture.  Further research has indicated that water and milk work equally well, and I don’t have any milk, so I will be using water.  (Why am I always lacking crucial cooking/baking/woman supplies?  Let’s face it, I am not a woman of the kitchen, I’d prefer to be in the garage, and I do not know we are out of anything until The Boy tells me.  I did not ask him if we had any milk before coming home, and I do not feel like running out to get some for the sole purpose of rubbing it on my face.  If I had a bowl of delicious dry cereal awaiting its dairy dressing – well now that would be a different story.)

Sorry, I can never resist a tangent. I believe the appropriate literary terminology is stream of consciousness, but I refer to it as diarrhea of the brain.  I’m a classy gal.

I assembled my ingredients, and added warm water to one packet of gelatin, mixing well for a few seconds. I then nuked it for 10 seconds, took it out quickly and started stirring. I tried to put it on my face but it was too hot for even my finger. I kept stirring for a few seconds until I could stand the heat, but it still hurt when I rubbed it onto my face. Then I moved to the bathroom and continued applying. The consistency was SO MUCH BETTER. I could actually rub it onto my face, but it was very sticky. Once I got my face covered, I waited. The Dog was very interested in the entire process, but mostly the goo all over my face, and I had to physically restrain her from licking it.  I waited approximately 15 minutes, and then started peeling. (The Boy said I looked like a “peel and eat shrimp” or a guy wearing one of those protective masks for playing basketball.  He is so descriptive.)  We took so many amazing photos that I could not choose only a few.  Therefore, here is the step-by-step photo array of what went down:

Take 2 was way closer to a Biore strip than the last attempt, I will certainly admit that.  As I peeled it away, it felt as though I was pulling my first layer of skin off.  It was unpleasant, but it did mimic the effect of a Biore strip.  I do think the Biore strip is much easier to use, definitely less messy, and works slightly better.  However, for the low low cost of $0.37 ($1.49 / 4), it is absolutely worth it. When I try it again (and I will), I will do two things:  (1) apply only to my “problem areas” and (2) avoid hair (eyebrows and hair line) at all costs. AT ALL COSTS.

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