A Cry For Help

I fear we may have become Hoarders (with a capital “H”). Maybe I just watch too much television (really, though? When am I doing that? In a former life?). Yet the unmistakable signs are there. Getting in and out of the front door has become a struggle, as well as accessing our one functioning bathroom, and I am too embarrassed to have people over or even to open my door to a stranger.

The scene of the crime. Somebody call TLC.

Pictured: the dresser I saw at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and just “had to have” (sans drawers, which reminds me, where are they? Oh yes! “Hidden” behind the longer couch), the buffet which will become the vanity in the master-ish bathroom, a portion of the secret furniture project I have been working on, the hutch we are desperately trying to use in the master-ish bathroom, pieces of mirror from this adventure, and the window we need to install in the master-ish bathroom.

Help me.

A few nights ago we were reminiscing with the neighbors (while standing in our driveways handing out candy to a few straggling trick-or-treaters, because we were too embarrassed to have anyone come to our door and see that catastrophe) about how difficult the first few months were, when we were living without a kitchen, doing dishes in the garage, and our fridge was in the living room.

Yep. Notice the peach walls and stack of tiles too.

I feel as though we are dangerously close to reverting back to those times. In fact, we initially had one functioning bathroom (the green bathroom) and a toilet room (the now renovated bathroom). We currently have one functioning bathroom (the now renovated bathroom) and a toilet room (the green bathroom). We also have a very crowded living room again.  We are one credenza or bookshelf away from chaos. Wait, no … we are already there.

To do list for this weekend includes: install window (check!), finish secret furniture project (check!), finish stripping (not that kind, Mom!) and maybe even start sanding buffet (ugh – it is taking forever!), and finish the dresser so I can get it listed on Craigslist (check!). I was looking forward to a weekend full of completed projects, and then The Boy entices me with a Saturday full of helping a friend we owe big-time, and a fun time with other friends we haven’t seen in a while. I suppose it is a great “problem” to have that we have lots of fabulous friends, but it is really cutting into my project time!  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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