Happy Holidays from POS!


I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday. We are on the road visiting family and having a fabulous time. The Boy and I are very lucky that we have almost all of our family within driving distance, and get to see everyone in the limited time we have off of work between Christmas and the new year. So far our DIY Christmas presents have been a big hit, but we have a few more to give out so we cannot share them quite yet. It is always scary when making gifts, because not everything turns out as expected, and not every idea is a winner.

Gifts are fun, but spending time with our families is what I really love about Christmas, since there are no greater gifts than that. The Boy wins Christmas most years, because despite our vows to not spend too much money, he goes nuts. This year he gave me a fancy camera, with a detachable lens and all that jazz. I tried to read the manual in the car but got lost somewhere between shutter speeds and aperture something. I don’t know, but I am excited to learn. And the pictures on POS have been … well, P’s of S, but that is about to change! Once I learn what all these buttons do.

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