It tends to get in the way of DIY projects, blogging, honeymooning, reading for pleasure, catching up on episodes of The League, pin busting, and generally everything on my To Do list that doesn’t involve sustaining life or staying employed. I could whine about planning a wedding in basically a month, traveling for the holidays, trying to find our next house, and being overworked, but I won’t. I realize that plenty of people haven’t found “the one,” don’t have family or can’t visit them regularly, can’t afford to buy a home, and would sell an organ to find a good paying job. My excuses for not updating the blog make me realize how incredibly lucky we are.

By way of an action-packed but abbreviated update, we:

Got married.


Finished the closet.

Master Closet

Made serious progress in the bathroom.

Master Bath

Saved a baby owl from the pool cage. With oven mitts, of course.

Owl Owl

Got very excited about planting bushes.


Located the garage floor. And it is RED. Huh. I didn’t remember that.


We have been under contract on our “next house” for months, getting financing, bids, inspections, lining up contractors, etc. The closing has been moved twice, and we are now unofficially scheduled to close in April. The silver lining is that we get to enjoy living in a finished house for a few months. Well, almost finished. It is amazing what moving a closing will do to one’s motivation. (I have rediscovered napping, and boy did I miss it!)

Dirty Dog

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