Back…to the future! Er, past. Back to the past.

Some of you have been checking The Girl’s BookFace page over the past year and have seen the changes unfolding.  Believe me, we’ve appreciated the support.  And the constructive criticism.  Not so much the destructive criticism.  However, since pardonoursawdust (POS) is still just a newborn babe with goo all over it and wobbly legs, we figured that we should show the newcomers how this project got started.

Here is a before shot of the outside of the house:

Here are some pictures of the house prior to any work being done on it by either of us.
Seriously, pink.
Stay classy San Diego...and this kitchen.
Oppulence?  I has it.
Take in all the glory and the splendor of the pink (coral?) walls, the majesty of the plastic and particle board cabinets in the kitchen, and the greenitude of the bathroom.  Actually, the bathroom is still green, so if you’d like, you can come over and enjoy that in person.This is what we saw when we first walked in.  We managed to see past the pink, the plastic, and the green though, and to be able to visualize how it COULD look if only the right couple came along with a wealth of home repair knowledge and wisdom.  Well, we beat that couple to the bank, so we ended up with it instead, and we’ve been BSing our way through things ever since.  We knew that our first job was to knock down some walls, and start in the kitchen.  How tough could it be, right?  Those DIY shows do a whole kitchen renovation in three days!  Stay tuned…

The Boy

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