Pinbusters – In Hot Water

Have you ever wondered if the stuff people post on Pinterest is true? Well I have, and I test them all so that you don’t have to, ’cause ain’t nobody got time for that.  Click here to check out all of the pins I haven taken on. You might be surprised by some of the results!

Surely everyone has seen the Pin – “to avoid a pot from boiling over, just put a wooden spoon on top!”  I was cooking pasta the other night, and decided to try it.  I’ll be darned if it didn’t work like a charm!

A charm.

I let that baby boil for several minutes, even got ballsy enough to leave the room, and it never boiled over.  While I am amazed, and pleasantly surprised, I MUST KNOW WHY!!!!  The very best explanation I found is located here:

Pretty cool, huh?

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