Pinbusters – Colored Lemons

Have you ever wondered if the stuff people post on Pinterest is true? Well I have, and I test them all so that you don’t have to, ’cause ain’t nobody got time for that.  Click here to check out all of the pins I haven taken on. You might be surprised by some of the results!

Most Pinterest users have seen this picture (from Visualize Us – click picture for link):

The pin states that you can inject food coloring into lemons and insinuates that this is photographic evidence of the results.  When you actually go to the source of the photo, the first giveaway is the caption – “excellent fruit photo manipulations,” a/k/a Photoshop. Never one to be defeated by simple blatant debunking, I tried it anyways.

My accomplice.

I diluted my food coloring a little bit.

I settled on my injection site.

I used a big metal turkey baster with a sharp stabby end for the injection.

Ouch. I don’t envy this lemon.

I wiggled the baster around a bit, injecting as much food coloring as I could.  However, lemons by their very nature are pretty “full.”  They can’t take on much excess liquid. Therefore, it wasn’t long before the lemon was spewing blue.


I rolled the lemon around a bit, squeezed him gently, dubbed him Lemony Snicket, and let him chill on the counter for a few hours.  Lemony Snicket did not get blue in the face. He did not get green with envy (yellow + blue = green??).  He was pretty blue from the injection itself, but not in the literal sense.  Finally, the moment arrived (when I remembered there was an injected lemon on the counter):

The big reveal!

Blue? Are you in there??

Well needless to say this was a pretty underwhelming result, and I smell some lemon-scented BS, if you know what I mean.

Pin BUSTED.  (Hope this saves you some time and trouble, Marty!)

12 thoughts on “Pinbusters – Colored Lemons

  1. You can color lemons another way though, they definitely won’t look like this, but f you have some leftover easter egg dye, soak lemons slices in them and it’ll color them. Remember the longer they soak the darker color they’ll get.

  2. People are actually pinning this on Pinteresr from YOUR site where it says it’s not true saying things like “Wow!! Color lemons and put in water to match any event!! Cool! Must try!”. I didn’t believe it, so I opened the link. And found this. Love the site!

  3. I’m new to Pinterest and was excited to use these colored lemons for decorating on food table for my siser’s 50th b-day even dug out the food coloring. The whole time thinking how much compliments i would get at party. Wow sooo creative etc…After searching searching for the “how to” stumpled on this link. Thank you OUT LOUD for saving me the grief, time and embarrassment and the ever so regreful let down….

  4. Thanks so much for testing this out. I had it pinned and was going to use it for my mom’s 85th birthday party. Saved me allot of time and hair pulling.

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