Reality Television Stars (Almost … OK, Not Even Close)

“The renovation post you are about to read is real …”

Not too long ago, but before this blog was born, The Boy, The Dog, and I applied to be on an episode of Renovation Realities on the DIY Network.  The process involves filling out a form with lots of information about us and our project, along with a video (eek!) of us showing the area and our renovation goals.  We submitted the following video, which is incredibly embarrassing to watch because we are so awkward.  <cringe>

The very next day, we received the following email:

“You guys are adorable!  We think you’d be great for the show, BUT the bathroom is just too small to accommodate a 3-person camera crew, plus 2 renovators.  Do you have any other projects?  I know you’ve already done the kitchen … but a back deck or basement, perhaps?  Just throwing ideas out there.  Let me know if you come up with anything.  Thanks so much!”

We were shocked to receive a very fast response from the network!  When we offered to include the master bedroom in the renovation, they wanted a follow up video.  The Boy and I were very excited, and shot this quick video <more cringe>:

After weeks of waiting to hear back, and preparing ourselves for our television debut, we were out of town celebrating our anniversary when we received this email:

“Thank you so much for your interest in “Renovation Realities”. Unfortunately, we heard from the Network today, and they do not feel your project is right for the show. They don’t typically elaborate on their decision-making process, but I suspect it’s because you two have too much DIY experience for this show. Most of our homeowners have done little more than hang picture frames. Funny how it works like that! That being said, I’ll definitely keep your information on file, should we begin producing a different show in the near future.”

Rejection stinks, but if you really want to know why we were not selected, you can read this post.


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