Money can’t buy love …

… but it can buy finished drywall, and that is pretty much the same thing in my book. As I mentioned previously, I got about 1/8 of the way through with the drywall, and decided to call in a professional.  It isn’t that I CAN’T do drywall, it is that I am very slow at it. (Have I mentioned that I hate doing it? Maybe once or thirteen times.)

The guy we hired, Scotty, told me sweet, sweet lies and said I did a pretty good job on the drywall. However, he and his guys accomplished in four days what would have taken me a month or more. He was punctual, cheap, hard-working, and did a great job. They even textured the ceiling, and cleaned up after themselves! Also, I had to get ready for a baby shower while the guys were there, resulting in compliments on my appearance from The Boy and a whole crew of men  (I mean, a girl will take what she can get, right?) It might have been the single most enjoyable contractor hiring experience of my life. But enough jabbering, let’s get to the pictures!!!

The hallway:

Master Bathroom          Master Bathroom

Looking into the new closet:

Master Bathroom          Master Bathroom

Looking out from the new closet:

Master Bathroom          Master Bathroom

The bathroom:

Master BathroomMaster Bathroom

The bathroom ceiling:

Master BathroomMaster Bathroom

Holy crap, ya’ll, it is actually looking like a closet and a bathroom! We had to wait a few days, but can now jump on installing the vanity and sinks, priming and painting the walls, lighting, and our biggest hurdle still – the shower. We already moved the vanity into place because we were so darn excited:

Master Bathroom

I will do a separate post on all of the work that went into getting the vanity ready, and we are thrilled with the way it came out, although it doesn’t look like much in this picture.

This has been some very refreshing summer soup, served chilled, of course.

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