This Post Shall Remain Nameless

I sat here for 10 minutes trying to figure out a title for this post. How do you sum up the greatest love of a lifetime in a one-liner? Answer: You don’t.

The Boy typically likes to proofread my posts, to avoid inadvertent “chalk-full” instead of “chock-full,” taming my absurd sense of humor, and limiting my random tangents. He is good like that, but he won’t get to proof this one.  Please forgive all fox paws (get it? Like faux pas? Maybe I do need that proofreading .. ).

If you follow us on Facebook, or have the pleasure of shaking your head in disbelief at our insanity in real life, then you have heard that we are blissfully betrothed. The Boy got down on one knee after a long day of laying floors, and asked me to be his lobster, in not so many words. I am not even sure what he said, because although I have known this day would arrive, I was so surprised, overwhelmed, and wishing I had opted to shower, that I guess I blacked out.  And I definitely got some sawdust or something in my eye.  Both eyes, actually.  It was weird.

But then I said yes.  Emphatically yes.

Many years ago, after a few long term but just not “right” relationships, my sister asked me what exactly I was looking for in a mate. I told her I wasn’t sure, I was just positive I hadn’t found it yet. She lovingly warned me not to hold out for some fairy tale that I might never find. I am pretty sure she is thrilled to be wrong. We are not perfect, but we are perfect for each other, and I love The Boy more every single day.

MDT, The Boy. There is no one I would rather share these crazy, exciting, exhausting, hilarious adventures with. I love you.

Now get back to work, because you have agreed to be my unpaid subcontractor for life. No backing out now.

14 thoughts on “This Post Shall Remain Nameless

  1. Loving this post to be “unnamed.” Congrats to you both. I also had the pleasure of being asked after spending hours getting our house prepared for sale. Nothing says will you marry me like a nasty tank top and spandex shorts! I am game for any bridal shows, if you need company!

    • Thanks! Yes, you know it is love when they propose like that. We snagged good ones :) We will probably elope, but I am still down for bridal shows – free cake! – so let me know if you want to go.

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  3. Congrats on your engagement! That is how it was for us. I knew he was going to propose, we even went and picked out the ring together but when he did I was speechless. I didn’t even say yes I just nodded made a weird gargling noise and threw myself at him.

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