Pinbusters – Soap Clouds a/k/a Nuking Bar Soap

Have you ever wondered if the stuff people post on Pinterest is true? Well I have, and I test them all so that you don’t have to, ’cause ain’t nobody got time for that.  Click here to check out all of the pins I haven taken on. You might be surprised by some of the results!

This pin (click here for source) looked easy like Sunday morning.  Procure some Ivory bar soap, place it on wax or parchment paper in the microwave, and get to nuking.

Step One: Clean the microwave to avoid the judgmental eyes of the interwebs. Soap Cloud

Step Two: Procure Ivory soap.*

Soap Cloud

*Handsome assistant optional

Step Three: Place Ivory soap on wax paper in the freshly cleaned microwave.

Soap Cloud

Step Four: Microwave on high for a few minutes, while taking pictures of your excited child.

Soap Cloud Soap Cloud Soap Cloud Soap Cloud Soap Cloud Soap Cloud

Obviously, this works. The fluff does start to deflate almost immediately once you pull it out, but it was fun to play with. We put what was left of the bar back into the microwave and it fluffed up – so you can make a LOT of clouds with one bar.

This got us thinking – the instructions were very specific about the brand of soap. Would it work with a different kind?

Soap Cloud Soap Cloud

Answer: NO. I have no explanation for this, but this soap melted instead of expanding. The good news, though, for responsible “reduce, reuse, recycle” patrons of the Earth such as ourselves – the fluffed version of the soap still lathered and worked the same!

Soap Cloud

If you find a different brand of soap that also works, let us know in the comments!




2 thoughts on “Pinbusters – Soap Clouds a/k/a Nuking Bar Soap

  1. I don’t know the brand as it is not sold here but my guess woul be that they whip up the soap with air before making it into bars (they might save on soap selling air). when it gets hot the air inside might expand making the cloud and as soon as the cold air (you opening the microwave oven) hits it, it retracts again because the soap isn’t strong enough to stay like this…. my best guess :)

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