Retrofit Furnishings

In addition to renovating our house, I enjoy transforming old, unloved, and unwanted furniture into beautiful pieces.  There is something about taking ugly and making it pretty that floats my boat.  Some items I keep, some I sell, but I love them all the same. I have a tendency to name my furniture (say hi to Jim, Jim Jr., Phoebe, and Otterman!), but I can only do this if I intend to keep it, because once it has a name, I have a hard time letting go. I have convinced myself this is normal, so please do not tell me otherwise.  Here is a gallery of the projects I have completed, in no particular order:


Phoebe Buffet

Dresser / Changing Table

Re-Upholstering Chairs


Gradient Stain Colors
a/k/aShades of Stain

Table Transformation

Table Transformation

Curio Cabinet into Built-in Bathroom Storage

Curio Cabinet into Built-in Bathroom Storage

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