Lawdy Dawdy, We Likes to Potty

We don’t cause trouble, we don’t bother nobody …

YES.  THE BATHROOM IS DONE.  FINISHED.  One hundo percent. On Monday I posted a to do list of finishing touches that needed to be completed before we could cross this project off of our list altogether.  We also needed to return the bathroom door to its rightful place on the hinges and cease all awkward doorless bathroom activities FOR GOOD.

The list included:

Finish painting the door:

Re-hang the door (and put the door stoppers on):

Put towel hooks on the door:

Paint all trim:

Remove grout stuck on tiles way up high:

This was really hard to photograph!

Paint the ceiling (ok, ok, ok, we did not do it.  But I don’t even care).

CLEAN and write “ta dah” post (here it is!):

It was hard to photograph such a small bathroom, but it was made more difficult by the perpetual attempted photo-bombing:


I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my fur coat, scratch me maybe?


If you would like to reminisce about how unfortunate looking this guest bathroom was, you can see this bathroom in all its original glory, in progress, installing Bertha (the bathtub), making of the light fixture, replacing the hollow door, transformation of a buffet into the vanity, and the long neglected finishing touches list.

I will do a post soon about all of the items left on our to do list, before we can consider the house finished and ready for sale.  That one will be a doozy.  However, this public shaming sure did get us in gear to finish these nagging tasks, so maybe it will work on the rest of the house too?  It couldn’t hurt (anything other than our egos!).

(P.S. You can check out the budget breakdown here.)

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